The Power of “I Know…”

When trouble comes to some people, they go to pieces. They begin to ask, “Where is God? Why me, God? God, why have you allowed this?”

Remember Job? In despair at times he was human; he was a real person – Job still held onto his belief in God. While his “friends” attempted to convince him that his losses and suffering were deserved because of something in his past, breaking him into pieces with their words, Job held his boil-covered arm heavenward  and shouted, “I know that my Redeemer lives” (Job 19:25). Job never gave up on himself or God, and God reversed the circumstances in his life, vindicating him.

Job’s memories were healed. His memory was washed clean by God’s power, and the clouds of darkness were gone. His face became radiant. There was a song on his lips. A miracle of God had taken place. From that moment on, Job didn’t live in the past, but in the present.

Maybe you have come through an experience that at the time caused great sorrow for you, yet you still live in the painful memories of that experience. Letting them affect you negatively, you bring the past’s sorrow into your present. You may even still insist on talking about it. You say, “Let me tell you what happened tome…,” and you rehearse the trauma or heartache.  Friend, God can take the sting out of the past. The power of those hurtful emotions surrounding your memories can be broken. They can lose their propulsive significance, made ineffective, devitalized through the poser of God. The Spirit of Jesus can heal our yesterdays. ( Healing of the Memories, Lester Sumrall, 1991, 2012 by LeSEA Inc. )

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