Word from the Holy Spirit for the month of April 2018

Word From the Holy Spirit for April 2018

God will continue to extend His favor and greater mercy to His children and the Nations who are pursuing Him.  His greater love will be felt and His glory will be greatly manifested throughout the planet earth to reveal His grace and His faithfulness for God loves people.

The rogue Nations will be greatly touched because of His loving kindness and tender mercies for people for He is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.

Marriages which have been damaged will be restored across the globe for God is not a God of division but a God of love and unity.

God will continue to pour out His glory on planet Earth in an unprecedented measure during the month of April 2018. Things which have looked impossible will be made possible by the Holy Spirit who is hearing and answering the prayers of the righteous Saints. Things which have been held back will be released to magnify God.

The climatic conditions on planet Earth will be normalized because of the Holy Angels that God has released to calm the weather. The United States of America will continue to experience greater prosperity and the Stock Market will continue to ascend. The economy of the United States of America will continue to bloom and more jobs from overseas will continue to be pouring into the Nation of the United States of America.

The children who have been abducted will be found and brought back to their real families.

Our President Donald J. Trump will continue to walk in greater glory because there will be a stronger hand of the Lord upon him.  This is because he is a man after God’s own heart who will fulfill the will of the Lord.

This will be a breakthrough month for everyone who believes as God is moving to restore and renew and revive people.

The forgotten people in society will be remembered and rewarded for their past obedience to God and His Word.


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