Springing Up By The Holy Spirit

When you are springing up by the Holy Spirit it is done by having a humility of mind. Humility of mind means walking in submission to the Holy Spirit’s leading on an on-going basis.  How do we walk in submission? Walking in submission to the Holy Spirit is by having the ability to walk humbly, do justly and love mercy so that you can hear His voice in your inner man.  Some people call it going by their intuition, but that is really being led by the Holy Spirit’s leading.  When you follow the Holy Spirit’s leading you will see that His way is the best way to live. You will have more joy, escape being in the wrong place at the wrong time, be blessed with what He has for you, and won’t fall into the traps of the enemy.  You will be blessed and be a blessing to others. So lets Spring up by the HOLY SPIRIT today and enjoy the rich life God has planned for us.

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