The Holy Spirit without Measure!

Just like Jesus has the Spirit without measure, let us also draw the Spirit without measure on ourselves because we are instructed that as Jesus is so are we in this world.

The Holy Spirit is unlimited in His ability to bless us.  As we keep on hungering and thirsting after Him, He will continue to fill us.  We also can receive more of the Holy Spirit by praising and worshiping Him at all times and not complaining about any situation we are going through but give it to the Lord.

The Holy Spirit gives you Fruitful Fields in your Life!

When you hunger and thirst after the Holy Spirit you can repent of your sins and the Holy Spirit is poured out upon you.  Then every wilderness and dry spell in your life will be turned into a fruitful field.  The Holy Spirit will also make known His Word to you and help you obey Him and you can bring pleasure to the Holy Spirit and yourself.

Be lifted up!

Jesus is our lifter. It says in Psalm 3:3 “But thou, O Lord art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.”  We are never alone and we are the image and the glory of the Lord. By the Spirit of the Lord we go from glory to glory.  This means that He transforms us into His image and likeness and depression has to flee as we remain pliable in His hand.